Batman action figures are one of the most enduring, with a history of well over sixty years. The original Batman figure is believed to have been only available in American carnivals and it wasn’t until the 1960s that a toy was created for sale in shops. This was produced by a company called the Marx Toy Company and it came along with accessories such as a bat and cuffs.

Captain Action was another action figure who is connected to the Batman story. That is because this figure had the ability to turn into Batman; either by buying the separate accessories. In the 1970s a new line of Batman action figures were created by Mego; this also included some of the villains like the Joker, and the Riddler.

The Batman License was taken over by Kenner at the end of the seventies added him to their Super Powers collection. This series was successful for a while but it ended in 1986 when Toy Biz was able to begin producing Batman action figures. This new line of figures was able to benefit from the successful 1989 release of the Batman movie.

In 2008 the latest addition of the Batman series was released as part of The Dark Knight collection. These six inch figures included characters from the movie as well as some additional characters.

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Batman is one of the most famous superheroes of all time and there have been movies, cartoons, comics, books, and video games that deal with his universe. The story lines have not always been consistent and there are different versions of his background. Some of the main points of the Batman story have remained fairly consistent though.

Bruce Wayne is an extremely wealthy playboy who has inherited his wealth from his parents who are now dead. He lives in Gotham City and as far as the outside world can see his only concern is spending money and having a good time. The fact is though that Bruce is a lot deeper than the persona he has created for himself; secretly he has been using a part of the family business, Wayne Technologies, to help him develop secret weapons that help him become a superhero. As a child he once feared bats, but he has now been able to turn this fear to his own advantage.

Batman has a Bat Cave from where he can launch missions to protect the inhabitants of Gotham City from the many baddies that like to cause mischief. There are a lot of these bad characters and he needs to go up against people like the Joker, the Penguin, Catwoman, and the Trigger Twins.

The Good Guys

The main good guy in Batman is of course Bruce Wayne. As far as the rest of the world is concerned Bruce is just a wealthy playboy who likes nothing better than to have a good time. What they don’t know is that Bruce is also Batman and has used his wealth and ownership of Wayne technologies to provide him with the ability to fight the bad guys. He is also a highly trained martial arts expert.

Alfred Pennyworth is Bruce’s confidant and butler. He has also raised Bruce from when he was a child and acts as his adopted father. He knows about Bruce’s secret identity and is an important part of the operation; in fact there probably could not be any Batman without Alfred’s help.

Robin (the Boy Wonder) assists Batman on some of his missions. He looks up to Batman as his father and Bruce Wayne adopted him after his parents were killed. Robin was a trained gymnast but Bruce Wayne taught him martial art skills.

The Bad Guys

Here are some of the bad guys who have dared to go up against Batman.

The Joker is a master criminal who hates Batman with a passion. He is a total psychopath and for years has been the biggest thorn in Batman’s side. He became the joker after falling into a vat of some type of chemical waste that altered his appearance. He suffers from a type of amnesia that means that he can’t really remember his younger years. One story is that he was once a scientist trying to steal from his employer, but that Batman tried to stop him and that is how the Joker ended up in the tank of chemical waste.

The Penguin has two loves; birds and being evil. He sees himself as a gentleman-criminal and controls a mafia type outfit which Batman often ignores. He was bullied as a kid and revenge is one of his driving forces. Every so often the Penguin involves himself in crime that brings him to Batman’s attention and this always turns out badly for him. After each bad encounter with Batman he promises to go straight but it is never long before he is causing mischief again. The Penguin likes to use his intelligence to commit crimes.

Catwoman is a burglar who likes to go after precious objects. She carries a whip which she can use very effectively. She is an expert martial artist and very agile like a cat. She also possesses a variety of dangerous weapons. As well as being a villain there is also a lot of romantic chemistry between her and Batman.

The Scarecrow was once a brilliant psychiatrist but he now uses his talents for evil. He is able to use drugs to bring people’s worst nightmares alive. His reason for originally turning to crime was that he lost his job as a professor at a top university; his behavior was viewed as being too outrageous. He uses fear to get people to do his bidding.

The Riddler likes to leave complex clues behind after he commits a crime. He is obsessed with riddles and puzzles. He has the ability to manipulate people thought his words, but he is also very unstable and suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder.