Big Jim

When Big Jim was released in 1972, the market for action figures was undergoing a lot of change. For years GI Joe in America and Action Man in the UK were a popular choice among young boys. By the 1970s though there was a drop in interest in the military themes associated with the action figure. One major contributing factor to this was the growing unpopularity of the Vietnam War; people were just oversaturated with it all and this was reflected in a search for something new.

Big Jim couldn’t have arrived at a better time. This action figure moved away from the military theme and instead focused on adventure. It also benefited by the Bruce Lee phenomena as the Big Jim action figures were able to deliver a Karate chop. These figures may have been smaller in size than GI Joe, but they made up for this in muscle; in fact Big Jim made their rival look a bit wimpy.

The heyday for Big Jim was between 1972 and 1986. During this time period the series provided a whole range of themes and the figures were constantly winning new audiences. The toy was first released in Europe as Mark the Strong and in the US as Big Jim. This first Big Jim introduced a few different characters including one of the first African American figures called Big Jack. This series also introduced Chief Tankua who was a Native American. These characters were all portrayed as tough and confident, but also very likeable.

After the success of the first Big Jim series there was more to come. In 1976 the P.A.C.K series; this was the Professional Agent against Crime Killers. The focus with these characters was on espionage and behaving like superheroes; Torpedo Fist even had superpowers. The deadly enemy in this series was Zorak; your stereotypical mad scientist.

In 1982 the Big Jim spy series had a real James Bond feel about it. This was all about working undercover and Big Jim took on the identity of Agent 004. In 1985 the action left Earth’s atmosphere as Commander Jim took his team on Space adventures; this time the enemy is Baron Fangg. There were also other Big Jim adventures including pirates and every form of transport imaginable.

Eventually the Mattel, the makers of Big Jim, seem to run out of ideas and the series was cancelled. The space theme was not as successful as previous outings so the company decided to call it a day. This toy can still bring back great memories for many adults, but it probably won’t mean much to kids growing up today.

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Before Big Jim the most popular action figure was GI Joe, but with the Vietnam War people became a bit saturated with army themes and wanted something new with their action figures. Big Jim arrived on the scene in 1972 and took the focus away from war and more into adventure. The characters introduced in the series were exciting enough to create some great storylines.

The original Big Jim series the action is focused on sport with a variety of characters who are members of a team called PACK. Big Jim is the leader of the group and is expert at weight lifting and giving karate chops. Big Jack is African American and Chief Tankua is a Native American. The real tough guy in the group is Big Josh. Although he also belongs to PACK Big Jeff is from Australiaand competes against Big Jim in the Olympics. The original series was greatly influenced by the martial arts phenomenon that had captured people’s imagination during this period of the seventies.

The P.A.C.K. series in 1976 introduced the group’s arch enemy Zorak. This mad scientist was able to change his body in such a way that he now has great strength. In order to help Big Jim defeat this menace his team is increased to include a number of new characters. The Whip is an expert on anything to do with weapons and Torpedo Fist has special powers.

In 1982 Jim and his gang enter the world of espionage and spying. Big Jim gets a new identity by becoming agent 004 and is joined by another agent known as Joe. They need to go up against the mysterious and dangerous Professor O.B.B.

In 1985 the action turns towards space and the stars. Big Jim and his team go on space and Earth missions against the wicked Baron Fangg. P.A.C.K. are assisted in their endeavors by Dr. Alec who is in over all charge of global command.

The Good Guys

The Big Jim series of action figures has brought the world lots of good guys. Here is just a selection of some of the most memorable ones.

Big Jim - The Big Jim character took on a few personas over the years, but he was always a good guy. In the first wave of action toys Big Jim is an Olympic Ski champion and leader of Professional Agents against Crime Killers (PACK). He is an all around good natured guy who knows no fear. If you are good then you will just love Big Jim, but bad dudes need to fear him.

Torpedo Fist - He is an ex-Navy pilot who lost his arm when it was bitten off by a shark. Torpedo Fist was rescued by a fisherman. He was later able to replace his lost arm with his famous powerful fist. Many people think that Torpedo Fist looks like a baddie, but he is firmly in the good guy camp.

Chief Tankua is a Native American and a good friend to Big Jim. He once worked as a steel rigger but later joined PACK and made the evil doers fear his deadly bow. He later had a name change to Warpath.

Dr. Steel is a martial arts expert and a valued member of PACK. He has many tattoos and scars which make him look really tough. He is Big Jim’s most trusted confidant. He also has a steel right hand for hitting enemies.

The Whip is an expert with all types of weapons. He was once a sailor but after he was beaten senseless by some bad guys he decided to travel the world learning how to use different weaponry.The Whip may not have much physical strength but he makes up for it with weaponry.

The Bad Guys

Zorak is one of PACK’s biggest threats. He is a brilliant scientist who began performing scientific experiments using himself as a guinea pig. He eventually went too far and he turned into a ruthless monster. Zorak has super strength and only PACK have the ability to deal with him.

Professor Obb is a wicked overlord who likes to devise cunning and dangerous plans. He is Asian in appearance. Despite his mild mannered look he can be extremely dangerous. He wears a Mohican and a bulletproof vest.

Baron Fangg works for Professor Obb and is responsible for all missions in the jungle. Baron Fangg has a special type of armor that allows him to change his appearance in a similar way as a chameleon can do to fit in different environments.

Kobra also works for Professor Obb but takes care of all those missions based in the Sahara. He has evil looking eyes and is fully dressed to best survive in a desert.