The Centurions action figure was tied in with the animated television series of the same name. This toy was popular during the mid to late eighties when the TV series was eagerly watched in the USand around the world. The show itself only lasted two seasons with a total of sixty episodes. The series provided many characters that probably could have made it as action figures, but only a few of them actually turned up as toys.

For a short period of time in the eighties Centurions were successfully competing against other action toys like GI Joe, but once the cartoon went off air people lost interest. In one way the show itself was one half-hour long advertisement for the toys so there is little surprise that the toy went down with the TV series.

The appeal of the Centurions action figure was the fact that these were half human and half machine; this idea was still considered quite novel during the early eighties. The figures had holes on their body and these were used to attach the powerful weapons. One of the real unique things about the TV animated series was that it had a female leader of the group. Crystal Kan was able to decide what weapons and transport was best suited for each mission for her team. The four main characters were Max Ray, Jake Rockwell, Rex Charger, and Ace McCloud. These joined together to fight Dr Terror.

The Centurions are now considered a collector’s item and a piece of nostalgia. The TV show had a brief comeback in the 1990s on the Cartoon Network, but the action figures have not managed a return as yet. In 2000 there was a petition circulating the internet for a return of the show to TV, but no such petition has been made for the action figures.

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Centurions are a new breed of warrior that will exist in the near future. The members of Centurions come equipped with a specially designed eco-frame that allows them to attach powerful weapons to their body. They are considered half human and half machine. The weapons available to the Centurions are like nothing that has ever gone before and this makes them a team to be reckoned with. All this technology and weaponry would be useless though without a fitting enemy. This comes in the form of Doc Terror.

Like similar bad guys before him it is Doc Terror’s plan to take over the world. He has an army of Doom Drones to help him achieve his aims. The bad doctor also has a side-kick called Hacker who is a Cyborg. The drones in their army are of two types; one that can fly and one that can walk. All drones come with weaponry that make them lethal, but are not match for the weapons of the Centurions.

The Centurions are led by Crystal Kan and she is in charge of deciding what weapons and transport are best suited for each mission. The main centurions are Max Ray, Jake Rockwell, Rex Charger, and Ace McCloud. When they are not busy fighting Doc Terror they are relaxing in the Sky Vault; this is a special space station that orbits the Earth. Sometimes the Centurions need to leave their space station and return to Earth. When they do this they stay in a secret hideout in New York called the Centrum. There is a special transport device between the Sky Vault and the Centrum that means it doesn’t take long to transfer between the two of them.

The Centurions specialize in their own selection of weaponry. During those instances where they are given weapons that they are not familiar with it can mean an inability to use them correctly. In a few episodes this inability to work weapons belonging to other Centurions was used for comic effect. Max Ray is an expert with weaponry that can be used at sea. Rex Charger uses special energy packs to use as lasers and create defenses. Jake Rockwell is best suited to using weapons that work well on land, and as the name might suggest Ace McCloud is expert at weaponry used in the air.

The Centurion storyline was laid out in 60 episodes of the Television series. The characters displayed their own unique personalities as the show progressed. The storyline behind the action figures were the same as the series on the TV series and it was possible to purchase accessories to imitate what was happening on the show.

The Good Guys

The Centurions are an elite band of half man half machine warriors who are tasked with defending the Earth from the evil Doc Terror. Among their band are the following heroes;

Crystal Kan – She is the leader of Centurions but does not take part in any actual rough stuff; she is just a normal human when it comes to fighting. Crystal stays in a space station above the Earth and it is her job to decide the best weapons and transport for each of the Centurion missions. Her job is vital and the Centurions obey her without question.

Ace McCloud – He is a Human that has been provided with an eco-frame that allows him to attach different weapons – all the Centurions have this except for Crystal Kan. He specializes in flight and is best using weapons that can be used in the air.

Rex Charger – This guy is the Centurion’s energy specialist and he can fire energy bolts at enemies. He doesn’t have many weapons but what he does have are powerful.

John Thunder – He is the Centurion that you want on your side when any infiltration of the enemy needs to be conducted. He has his own special weapons like spinning blades and a Thunder knife.

Jake Rockwell –He also has an eco-frame but he prefers to do his fighting on the ground. He is able to turn himself into a motorcycle and he has some impressive big guns for dealing with the bad guys. He can also turn into a helicopter if it is needed for the battle.

Max Ray – He is more of a water guy and when the fighting is occurring at sea he can’t be beat. He can do well on and below the water and he just loves firing torpedoes. Max is a fitness fanatic and has been known to swim thousands of miles in one day just to keep in top condition.

The Bad Guys

The main bad guy in Centurions is Doc Terror. This cyborg is an evil genius who was once a brilliant scientist. He has superhuman strength which can be increased further with the aid of weapons that the can add to his body. The story behind his rise to evil involves an experiment he conducted to link himself to a powerful computer; the outcome was an evil like the universe has never before seen. Doc Terror lives a hidden base under the Arctic ice called Dominion. The cyborg part of his body is also known as Syntax. Doc Terror has an army of Terror Bots.

Amber is the daughter of Doc Terror and she will sometimes help him with missions against the centurions. She is a conflicted character and will sometimes go against her father if he wants to take things too far. She has helped the Centurions in the past.

Hacker is Doc Terror’s side-kick and follows orders without question. He has very little ability when it comes to brain-power but he tries to make up for this with big guns. He lives with Doc Terror in Dominion. He was turned into a cyborg by Doc Terror.