Daredevil first appeared in Marvel comics back in 1964, and he is admired as the man with no fear. He became even more popular after the 2003 film Daredevil which stared Ben Affleck. There has been a number of action figures designed to go along with the comic book character.

The Marvel Legends collection probably provides the most popular Daredevil action figures available. These were produced by Toy Biz in 2002 to go along with the film Daredevil. This figure came in a variety of styles including yellow and black uniform as well as a red uniform.

An earlier collection of Daredevil action figures were released as part of the Spiderman classic collection. This is more like the original Daredevil with the customary red uniform. This toy also came along with two Billy Clubs as accessories. There was also a figure dressed in yellow and black available in this series as well.

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Matt Murdock is just an average young man until he is blinded by radioactive chemicals that falls off a truck; ironically the reason the chemical fell off the truck was that Matt was trying to save a blind man who was in the vehicle’s path. As well as taking away Matt’s sight the radioactive substance gives him special powers.

Matt’s father is a retired boxer who returns to the ring after his son’s accident so as to be able to take care of him financially. A gangster insists that Matt’s father throws a fight and when he refuses the gangster has him killed. Matt swears his revenge and decides to use his special powers to find the bad guys and bring them to justice. Although Matt is blind his other four senses are heightened way above any other humans.

Matt uses his father’s boxing robes to create his special yellow and black superhero uniform; he is now the Daredevil. Not only does Daredevil manage to track down his father’s killers, but he also begins going after other bad guy as well. He comes to the attention of Spiderman and they later become good friends.

The Good Guys

The main good guy in Daredevil is Matt Murdock. While trying to save a blind man from being run over by a truck Matt came into contact with some radioactive material that the truck was carrying. This radioactive substance blinded Matt but it also somehow caused his other senses to become far more powerful than other humans. After his father is killed by gangsters, Matt decides to use his new skills to defeat the bad guys – he becomes the Daredevil.

Jack Murdock is Matt’s father and a great influence on his life. Jack was a boxer who was killed by gangsters because he refused to throw a fight. His father always stressed the importance education and to avoid violence whenever possible.

Foggy Nelson is Matt Murdock’s best friend. He is also his law partner.

Spider-Man is also a good friend to Daredevil and they occasionally end up in each other’s adventures.

The Bad Guys

Bullseye is one of Daredevil’s least favorite people in the world. He is a hired assassin but the fact that he is also a psychopath means he would just kill even if he wasn’t getting paid for it. His spine has been specially strengthened and he is an expert in hand to hand combat. His family abused him when he was young and it was this that caused him to turn out so evil.

The Kingpin is an extremely powerful crime lord and a dangerous criminal. His power is his brain but he is also excellent at martial arts; his huge size means that he has not problems with strength. He was once bullied by other kids for being overweight but now it is him that does the bullying. He is an enemy of Daredevil and Spiderman and he has a nasty habit of bouncing back up after he has been knocked down.

Death-Stalker is able to travel between different dimensions and one of his big goals in life is to kill Daredevil. He is an expert at hand to hand combat and if he gets too close he can use his death grip. Daredevil once nearly killed the Death-Stalker and this is a huge motivating factor behind his hatred.

Leap-frog looks like a frog and wears a special frog suit that allows him to leap like the amphibian. He also is able to put a lot of power behind a punch because of the suit.