Iron Man

Iron Man was first introduced by Marvel Comics in March 1963. He is a popular character because of his superhuman strength and his ability to fly at supersonic speeds. His abilities are all due to his high IQ and the fact that he can use technologies to his advantage. Iron Man is well liked because his character suggests that anyone can become a superhero.

Toy Biz introduced a popular line of Iron Man action figures in 1994. These were based on the animated Iron Man TV show that was popular at the time and part of a collection known as the Marvel Power Hour. Toy Biz were able to create multiple versions of Iron Man; these sold well but the fact that they were expensive to make meant that Toy Biz eventually ended this line of toys after four waves. There was meant to be a fifth series of these action figures but it was never produced.

The first series of Iron Man action figures included hydro armor, war machine, and original Iron Man. Season two of the Toy Biz series introduced space armor and hologram armor. As well as the action figures of Iron Man himself there was also other characters available as well; there were about thirty figures in all.

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The tale of the origins of Ironman begins with business tycoon Tony Stark; the head of Stark Industries. Tony is a successful engineer and businessman but in all other ways he is normal. He inherited Stark Industries from his parents who died when he was young. Tony is kidnapped in Afghanistan after his car is blown up; he is on the verge of death and the only thing keeping him alive is a special magnet which prevents shrapnel from entering his heart.

The kidnappers want Tony to use his engineering expertise to build a Jericho missile. Instead of building the weapon as ordered Tony and another captive build a special suit. When it is ready Tony uses the new abilities provided by this special suit to escape his prison and destroy the camp where he is being held. He manages to make it to the desert before his suit becomes damaged beyond repair. He is rescued though, and makes it back to the United States alive.

Back in America Tony creates and even better suit than the one he managed to build in Afghanistan. He is soon back on a mission to Afghanistan to rescue a village from an attack by the same insurgent group that has kidnapped him; he is horrified to find out that this group is using weapons designed by his company. Tony had given the order that his company stops producing weapons but his orders were ignored and there is now an attempt to remove him as head of the company. It also turns out that his original kidnap had been arranged by a member of Stark Industries. His enemies are now busy creating another suit that is even more powerful than the one in his possession.

His enemies manage to overpower Tony Stark and remove the new device that is protecting his heart from shrapnel. They leave him to die but he is able to reinstall the old magnet that has been kept as a memento. His suit also depends on the power of the magnet and this old magnet is not able to fully power the suit; despite this though Ironman is able to go on and defeat the bad guys.

The Good Guys

Tony Stark is extremely rich due to inheriting a successful business from his parents. He is also a brilliant engineer. During a kidnapping he needs to have a special magnet created so as to prevent shrapnel entering his heart and killing him. His captors try and force him into creating a missile but instead he creates a special suit instead which allows him to escape his captors. Once freed, Anthony Stark is able to create an even more advanced suit which he can use to fight the bad guys.

James Rhodes is a sidekick of Iron Man for many adventures but when Anthony Stark became a drunk it was James Rhodes who took his place. After Anthony Stark was able to once again take on the role of Iron Man James had his own suit and became War Machine.

Dr Ho Yinsen is genius engineer who helps Anthony Stark build his first suit. He sacrifices his own life so as to allow the Iron Man to escape.

The Bad Guys

Iron Monger is one of Iron Man’s worst enemies. His real name is Obadiah Stane and he was once worked for Stark Industries. He later tried to take over the company and kill Tony Stark. Iron monger developed his own suit that is extremely deadly but in the end it is no match for Iron Man.

Ghost is another businessman who turned bad. He has his own suit which gives him a lot of power and he can even make himself invisible. The Iron Man needed to try and kill ghost more than once but he just wouldn’t stay dead.

Titanium Man is the Russian version of Iron Man and the fact that he is communist makes him a big baddie for Iron Man. He was actually kicked out of the KGB but he developed the belief that beating Iron Man would be a great propaganda victory for Russia and a great way for him to get back some respect.

The Mandarin has ten rings that grant him special powers and he also has superhuman strength and a very high IQ. He wants to take over the world and believes that getting his hands on Iron Man’s technology will increase the speed by which he can do this.