Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers TV series was an adaptation of a Japanese TV show called Super Santai; in fact many of the scenes of the series were taken from the original Japanese show. It first hit TV screens in 1993 and there are still new shows appearing right up until today. There has also been a popular range of action figure based on the series.

The idea behind the action figures is that these are normal humans who have the ability to morph into powerful fighters when they need to tackle the baddies. They are able to use a variety of weapons and have great martial arts skills. Some parents have complained that the shows are too violent, but young boys just seem to love it.

Bandai is the toy making company that is responsible for producing the Power Rangers action figures. These toys are usually five inches tall and are based on the characters in the show. Each figure comes with their own weapons and some have special functions like the ability to light up or perform certain actions.

There have been over fourteen different Power Ranger series and a few movies; each has brought its own line of action figures as well as accessories. The toy range has managed to remain fresh because it has worked alongside the TV series to always keep reinventing the power rangers. One of the most recent successes has been the Space Control Data (SCD) action figures. Some of the earlier examples of Power Rangers figures have now become collector’s items.

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The Power Rangers story begins when astronauts discover a container out in space; without realizing what they are doing they release an evil alien that has been lying dormant inside. This nasty alien is called Rita Repulsa and she immediately sets about trying to conquer Earth which is the first planet she sees upon awakening.

The person responsible for putting Rita Repulsa into captivity is Sage Zordon and when he realizes what has occurred he orders that five humans “with attitude” be found so that they can defend the Earth. A robot called Alpha 5 is sent to find volunteers and eventually 5 teenagers are located. These young humans are then given the ability to morph into Power Rangers so that they can do battle against Rita Repulsa and her minions. As well as providing the Power Rangers the ability to morph they are also provided with plenty of weapons and equipment.

In the beginning Rita Repulsa attempts to defeat the Power Rangers by sending monsters, but these are easily defeated. She turns to a nastier tactic which involves recruiting a human and giving him special morphing powers. The power Rangers struggle but they manage to keep the Green Ranger at bay.

Rita Repulsa is eventually defeated, but not by the Power Rangers. Lord Zedd is even more evil than his predecessor and is determined to defeat the Power Rangers. He has control over even stronger monsters than Rita was able to muster. The rangers manage to create a powerful Thunderzord that helps them defeat Lord Zedd’s monster. After a few more battles Rita Repulsa returns on the scene and now the Power Rangers have a real battle on their hands – Rita has also brought her father Master Vile to make things even more dangerous for the heroes.

The Good Guys

Each season of the Power Rangers brought plenty of new good guys. Here are some of the most memorable.

Tommy Oliver started off as a baddie but he ended up as the most steadfast of the good guys. He was originally recruited by Rita Repulsa when she noticed that his martial arts skills were impressive. She gave him the ability to morph into the green Power Ranger and brainwashed him into working as her loyal follower. He is then sent to destroy the defenses of the Power Rangers so that Rita can take over the world. He set about his job effectively and it looked like was going to complete his mission until he is defeated and an amulet that Rita had been using to control him is destroyed. He is no longer brainwashed and is so full of remorse that he joins the Power Rangers.The Green Power Ranger becomes one of the most respected and fiercest fighters in the team. He also becomes romantically involved with the Pink Power Ranger.

Kimberly Hart is the Pink Power Ranger. She was one of the original fighters chosen when Zordon decides to create his team to protect the Earth from Rita Repulsa. She is a skilled gymnast and this helps with her fighting skills.

Zack Taylor is second in command and he is known as the Black Power Ranger. He is always positive and rarely shows any fear. He is a keen athlete and has his only special fighting style when he morphs into a Power Ranger. He loves to party as well as fight.

Jason Lee Scot is the Red Ranger and he is one of the most popular of the team; he later becomes the Gold Ranger. He was already a martial arts expert before being given the ability to morph and he has ‘great attitude’. As well as being a willing combatant the Red Ranger is also one of the kindest people you could meet.

Billy Cranston is the Blue Ranger and he is considered the intellectual member of the group. His high IQ has meant that he can easily solve puzzles that would be beyond the capability of most people and he is also able to invent things. He is a bit of a geek, but can fight with the rest when the need arises.

Trina Kwan is expert in Kung Fu and this is why she was originally chosen to join the Power Rangers; as well as the fact that she has the right attitude. She is able to use brains over strength and fights very tactically. Trina is the Yellow Ranger.

The Bad Guys

Rita Repulsa is probably the most well known of the enemies of the Power Rangers. She is an evil alien witch that plans to one day control the whole universe. Her immediate plan is to take over the Earth and to do this she must destroy the Power Rangers who have been tasked with protecting it. Rita has a magic wand that she can use to turn her monsters into giants; she can also give people the ability to morph. At the beginning of the series Rita Repulsa was imprisoned in a special vault that floated through space; this prison was accidentally opened by some astronauts from Earth. Rita was released from ten thousand years in prison and she was ready for evil; the nearest planet to her was Earth.

Lord Zedd likes to refer to himself as the emperor of evil. He had already managed to capture many planets before being summoned by Rita Repulsa to help her capture Earth. He was so angered by her failure to beat the Power Rangers that he banished her back to her prison vault. He took over the attack against the Rangers but after a while he realized that he too could not easily destroy them. Rita managed to escape her prison once again and used a love potion to make Lord Zedd fall in love with her; they were soon married. Eventually the love potion wore off but Lord Zedd decided that he loved Rita anyway. They joined forces against the Power Rangers.

Master Vile is the father of Rita Repulsa and is a powerful demon who is also very cunning. He has been asked to help Rita and Lord Zedd capture the Earth; he does this but he also has his own agenda.

Rito Revoloto is Rita’s brother. He looks like a skeleton and has a very low IQ. Rita likes having him around but Lord Zedd can’t stand his stupid behavior.