Spiderman is probably the most loved of all Marvel Comic heroes and this is probably why he has been turned into an action figure more times than any of the others. This hero has not only been followed in comic books but also in hugely popular movies, TV shows, computer games, and cartoons. There are few people on the planet who haven’t heard about Spidey.

Spiderman was one of the aliases of Captain Action in this line of action figures during the 1960s. It was possible to purchase the outfit as a separate accessory to change Captain Action into Spiderman.

Toy Biz have produced some of the most loved Spiderman action figures as part of their Marvel Super Heroes line during the 1990s. This series of action figures has managed to produce almost all of the main characters from the Spiderman universe. There are now five inch, six inch, and ten inch figures to collect. The first wave of 5 inch characters produced such notables as Spiderman multi-jointed, Green Goblin, Dr Octopus, and Venom. Later waves in this line produced such characters as Spiderman Web Racer, Carnage, Peter Parker, Kingpin, Mysterio, and Blade.

The ten inch line of Spiderman action figures began in 1999 and so far has produced three waves of toys. Some of these were just remakes of characters from the five inch series but there were also some new action figures unique to the line.

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Peter Parker is teenager who is a bit of a nerd and always has his head in a book. He is often bullied and can do little to protect himself from the abuse of his tormentors. That all changes when he is bitten by a radioactive spider; the bite causes him to develop special powers. He can now climb walls like a spider and has super-strength. He also manages to create a device which he can use to fire webs.

In the beginning Spiderman is not too concerned with helping others. This changes when his beloved uncle is killed by some criminals during a robbery. Peter Parker makes it his mission to find the bad guys and bring them to justice. Life as a superhero does not pay well so Peter also gets a job as a newspaper photographer so that he can support himself and his widowed aunt. During this time Spiderman has also managed to create the special uniform that protects his true identity and put fear into wrongdoers.

Spiderman is soon off making the world a safer place, but it seems that the more bad guys he puts away the more new ones arrive to take their place. At one stage he has to kill his best-friend’s dad because he finds out that he is an evil villain. Peter becomes so fed up with it all that he retires from being a superhero, but eventually returns to the action. As well as working alone Spiderman also teams up with other superheroes like the Fantastic Four.

The Good Guys

Peter Parker is a weedy youngster who is always being picked on by other kids. He is an intelligent child and devours books. It is when he is bitten by a radioactive spider that his life changes forever and he develops superpowers. He develops special senses and is also able to climb walls like a spider. He creates a special adhesive web gun and designs his own Spiderman costume and he is soon ready to start tackling the bad guys. His uncle was killed by some criminals and it is this that motivates him to want to go after criminals.

May Parker is Peter’s aunt. She has taken care of him since his own parents were killed. They are very close.

Gwen Stacy was Peter’s first real romantic love. She was eventually killed by the Green Goblin.

Jean DeWolff is a police captain who is sympathetic to Spiderman and often helps him.

Mary Jane Watson-Parker is Spiderman’s wife and best friend

The Bad Guys

Spiderman has managed to make a lot of enemies over the years. Here are just some of them.

Venom is one of the nastiest characters that Spiderman has needed to deal with. He is a sentient being who looks like a type of black goo. He is able to take over a host and control their bodies. When venom bonds with a human he gives them superhuman powers, but it isn’t really a fair exchange. At one time he even managed to make Spiderman a host.

Mysterio started off as a stuntman and creator of special effects. He made a life from himself in Hollywood but later became bored. He decided to try his hand at crime instead. He has no real superpowers but his amazing abilities with special effects make it seem like he does.

The Green Goblin really hates Spiderman. He used a special serum to give him some superhuman abilities but the liquid potion also drove him insane. Despite his insanity he is extremely intelligent and he has superhuman powers.

Carnage is similar to Venom but he is even meaner. Venom is a nasty piece of work but he follows a code of honor. Carnage does not care about any type of honor code. He is just a psychopath out to cause mischief.