Superman is probably the most recognized action figure ever. It has also been a toy that has been reproduced many times since they began being created over seventy years ago. Superman has been released as part of the Justice League of American line of toys and as a separate hero. He was also one of the aliases of Captain Action during the sixties.

The first ever Superman figure was produced in 1939; it was a thirteen and a half inch wooden toy. During the 1960s the toy manufacturer Ideal produced a three inch plastic Superman as part of their Justice League series. In 1972 Mego introduced five inch and eight inch bendable figures as well as Supergirl. Throughout the rest of the seventies Mago introduced a variety of other characters from Superman’s world including Lex Luther, General Zod, and Jor-El.

Kenner produced a large selection of Superman action figures during the 1980s. These were part of the Superpowers line and were tied in with the animated series. There were three waves of toys along with a variety of vehicles as part of the Justice League of America series. Kenner managed to produce many more action figure line during the nineties.

DC comics have produced many Superman action figures right up to the present. There most recent line contains a collection of two-packs with two a classic and modern superman within the set.

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Superman is not from Earth; although this is where he grew up. He was born on the planet Krypton but just before this planet was destroyed his parents managed to get him into a small spacecraft and send him to Earth. He landed in Kansas and was discovered by a married couple who raised him as their own son; they call him Clark Kent.

The fact that he comes from a different planet means that Clark has special abilities. He has superhuman power, speed, and stamina. Clark also has senses that would be beyond the ability of humans. Not only that but he has the power of flight and is not as susceptible to illness and disease. Clark’s adoptive parents raise him well and when he is old enough he decides that he wants to use his abilities to help humankind. He wants to do this anonymously though, so he creates a special outfit that helps him turn into Superman when the need arises.

Clark Kent gets a job as a newspaper reporter with the Daily Planet. During his normal life he does not display and evidence of his superpowers; people refer to him as mild-mannered. It is only when he puts on the uniform of Superman that he uses his special abilities. Clark begins to live a double life of reporting crime in the newspaper and stopping crime as a superhero. He works by himself for a lot of the time but he is also a member of the Justice League of America.

The Good Guys

Clark Kent originally comes from the planet Krypton but when his planet is destroyed his family arranged for him to escape in a spaceship. Clark has special powers due to his alien birth when he grows up he uses these to these for the benefit of mankind. He wears a special outfit to protect his identity and becomes known the world over as Superman.

Lois Lane is an investigative reporter and the main love interest of Clark Kent. For many years she has suspected that Clark is Superman but she has never been able to prove it.

Jonathan and Martha Kent are Clark’s adoptive parents. They found his spacecraft and raised him as their own child. They raised him to have good values and he is very close to them.

The Bad Guys

One of the main bad guys in Superman is Lex Luthor. He is a super-villain who is determined to take over the whole world. He sees Superman as one of the main things blocking his quest and he hates him for that. Lex Luthor has no superpowers as such, but his ability to cause mischief and use other people to do his bidding makes him a formidable foe.

Doomsday comes from Krypton; the same planet as Superman. He was on the planet long before Superman’s race managed to take it over. It is one of the deadliest creatures in the universe and he doesn’t like Superman one bit.

Bizzaro is a type of Frankenstein monster who has all the opposite krypton powers of superman. He has things like x-ray hearing and freeze breath.

The Toy Man likes to use toys to help him commit crimes. His weapons may look comical but they all come with a deadly punch. Superman does not find Toy Man in the slightest bit funny.