Teen Titans

Teen Titans first appeared in 1964 as the Junior Justice League in DC comics, but it wasn’t until the eighties that they managed to really become popular as the New Teen Titans. The original series included; Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqualad. The New Teen Titans introduced the new characters Raven, Starfire, Beastboy and Cyborg.

The action figures based on the Teen Titans series are aimed at children and so they are designed to capture the imagination of young minds; adults have started collecting them as well though. Bandai is the toy manufacturer responsible for producing the various Teen Titans figures.

The first wave of Teen Titan figures are all five inch and feature three of the most popular characters including; Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin. There were also some three and a half inch figures released in pairs including; Robin and Starfire, Robin and Beastboy, and Raven and Cyborg. These figures have been specially designed to fit into vehicles with knees that bend and mid-things that twist. There is also a series of mini figures. Each set comes with seven small 1 and a half inch figures. The toys are presented on a card that features a page of a comic strip; if you collect all the different versions you end up with the full comic.

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The Teen Titans is made up of a collection of sidekicks to some well known adult superheroes. The Teen Titans focus on helping teenagers around the world who are in trouble and they are like a junior version of the Justice League. The original Teen Titans included; Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash. They were later joined by other young heroes like Wonder Girl.

As well as helping other teenagers the Teen Titans spend a lot of time learning the lessons that they will need to develop into adult superheroes. They sometimes even abandon their superhero abilities to go and just help people as volunteers using normal everyday skills. The Teen Titans did a lot of good for a few years but eventually they disbanded. They reformed a few years later as the New Teen Titans and were joined by new young superheroes.

The Good Guys

Beast Boy was bitten by a venomous monkey when he was very young and had to be given experimental venom in order to save his life. This venom not only saved him but it also turned his skin green and gave him to ability to turn into any animal he likes. For a brief period he is forced to help criminals, but he later dons superhero clothes and joins the Teen Titans.

Aqualad is from Atlantis but due to some superstitious belief he was left to die; he would have done just that if he had not been discovered by Aquaman who takes him under his wing. Aqualad later joined the Teen Titans.

Aquagirl lost her parents when she was just a baby but was adopted by a royal family from Atlantis. She learns all that the Atlantians can teach her and she later meets Aqualad; through him she becomes involved with Teen Titans.

Wonder Girl is half human and half god; her father is Zeus. This means she has special powers which she uses to help the other Teen Titans.

Raven is half human and half demon. She works for the side of good though when she helps the Teen Titans. She joined the Titans after her father sent a demon to attack her school.

Miss Martian comes from Mars and she has special powers because of this. She only stayed with the Teen Titans for a few years, but later left over a misunderstanding.

The Bad Guys

Brain is French and a criminal genius. His body was destroyed in an explosion and his brain was at first connected to a computer network and later to an artificial body. The Brain is super-intelligent and he frequently needs to be dealt with by the Teen Titans.

The Brotherhood of Evil are controlled by Brain and they do all his dirty work for him. All of these characters are nasty in their own right and if they weren’t doing evil for Brain they would likely be doing it for somebody else.

Mad Mod was one of the first villains to come to the attention of the Teen Titans. He has no real superpowers but the thing that makes him stand out in a crowd is his outrageous taste in clothes. He is attracted to crime and it is for this reason that he has ended up on the wrong side of the Teen Titans.

Dark Nemesis are a mercenary group who will do the dirty work for anyone who will pay them. They were once sent to fight the Teen Titans in an attempt to assess just how good the Titans were; needless to say the Titans came out the victors.