The A-Team

The A Team action figures were based on the NBC TV series that ran from 1983 to 1986. The show focused on a group of mercenary soldiers who could be hired. They were all trained in the Special Forces and they would only fight on the side of good. The A Team are fugitives who were accused of a crime they did not commit. Action figures were created of all the main characters as well as reproductions of their famous van and car. There was also a command center where the A team could hang out.

The A Team figures were produced by Galoob as part of their Soldiers of Fortune range which included; B.A. Baracus, Face, Hanibal, and Murdock. The accessories were produced by a different toy company. Once the TV series was dropped, it meant that no further action figures were produced. In 2010 there will be a new A Team movie so it will be interesting to see if this leads to further action figures.

Vintage 1983 Galoob MR. T / A-Team / B. A. Baracus Action Figure
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A-Team John “Hannibal” Smith Vintage 1983 Galoob MOC
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The A-Team Action Figures
The A-Team Action Figures $24.50 (27 Bids)
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Vintage Galoob The A Team John Hannibal Smith 100% Complete Sealed on Card
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VINTAGE 1983 "The A-TEAM" MURDOCK Action Figure w/ Accessories UNOPENED - MOC!
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The A Team storyline focuses on a group of mercenary soldiers. The group was originally members of a special ops operation in the US army, but they were later charged with a crime they did not commit. The deed they were accused of taking part in was robbing from the Bank of Hanoi in Vietnam. This action had been ordered by their commander, but when they returned to base the commander was dead and they had no proof that he had approved the mission. The group were accused of doing to bank raid for personal motives and sent to Fort Bragg while they awaited trial.

The four accused soldiers were not satisfied to wait for their fate to be decided so they used their special skills to allow them to escape Fort Bragg. They became the A Team and their team included; BA Baracus, Murdock, Hannibal, and Faceman. The A Team were now fugitives and they needed to work as mercenaries in order to make a living. Unlike other such groups though, they only tried to involve themselves in work where they would be protecting the weak from the strong. As they make their way across America they always have to watch out for Colonel Lynch who is trying to bring them to justice.

The Good Guys

Hannibal is the leader of the A Team. His full name is Lieutenant Colonel John Smith. He is a master tactician and also has a knack for disguise. He always seems to have a cigar stuck in his mouth and it is him who finds the missions for the rest of the team. Hannibal doesn’t care about the money so much; he just loves the action.

Bad Attitude (BA) Baracus is a tough guy who struggles to control his temper. He has a distinctive Mohawk hairstyle and is also a bit of a genius when it comes to all things mechanical. BA Baracus hates to fly and needs to be drugged to get on a plane.

Face/Faceman is a womanizer who is able to talk his way out of anything. His real name is Templeton Peck and he has been given the nickname Face because of his good looks. Face is a bit of a scoundrel and enjoys nothing more than pulling off a scam. He loves to live the high life and is responsible for taking care of the team’s finances.

Howling Mad Murdock is the kookiest member of the A team and a bit unstable. He is an excellent pilot though, and this is why the team originally rescued him from a psychiatric hospital. He really irritates BA Baracus but is a valued member of the team.

Amy Amanda Allen is a news reporter who believes that the members of the A Team have been wrongly accused. She helps them whenever she can.

The Bad Guys

Here are some of the most memorable baddies from the A Team series.

Colonel Lynch is a commander from Fort Bragg and the A Team escaped under his watch. He is determined to put them back in prison again. He has a very big ego and he sees the escape by the A Team as being a personal attack on his abilities. Colonel Lynch will not rest until the members of the A Team are once again behind bars.

General Hunt Stockwell has used the promise of a pardon to blackmail the A Team into doing missions for him. There is never any sign of this pardon occurring though, despite the fact that the team does everything he wants; the reality is that he is just using them.

Colonel Roderick Decker is also on the trail of the A Team and is willing to go to any lengths to get his way; he has many psychopathic tendencies. He takes his mission to capture the A Team personally because he was once out-smarted by Hannibal when they were in Vietnam.