The Real Ghostbusters

The Real Ghostbusters line of action figures was produced by toy manufacturer Kenner. They were based on the successful animated TV series of the same name that ran for five years from 1986 to 1991. Kenner had great success with this line of toys and it is probably been their most successful ever.

The Kenner Real Ghostbusters action figures have been credited with being very innovative. They also managed to really realistically resemble the look of the cartoon characters they were based on. The first series was based on each of the main heroes and each pack came with its own ghost included as well as a neutrona blaster to defeat them. The 1988 series was called the fright series and it introduced faces that could change expression when you squeezed their arms. The next year Kenner produced a series of figures that made screaming noises. Each new series brought new innovations right up until the last ones which were glow in the dark. As well as the action figures there have also been many accessory packs to go along with them.

The Real Ghostbusters success ended in 1991 when the television series reached the end of its lifespan. The shows are occasionally rerun on different TV stations around the world and it has been voted the 22nd most popular animated shows of all time. Many of the original figures are much sought after because they have become collector’s items. An Argentinean company called Jocsa has also produced a range of Real Ghostbusters toys under license.

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The storyline for the Real Ghostbusters is based on the original movie. This story begins when four parapsychologists are fired from their jobs. Instead of just allowing this loss employment to ruin their careers they make the decision to start up their very own business. Their previous work has given them all the expertise they need; they make the novel move of opening up a ghost-busting service which people can call if they want any ghouls removed.

The Ghostbusters purchase their very own firehouse. Their business gets off to a slow start and it looks like they are going to run out of money when they get a job with a prestigious hotel. They manage to catch this ghost and the publicity sends plenty of work their way. Their success brings them in contact with a particularly tough demon that is causing mischief an apartment near Central Park. Eventually they are able to defeat this monster too after it turns into a giant marshmallow man. The success of the Ghostbusters is now well established.

The story of the Ghostbusters continues in later movies and in the animated series, The Real Ghostbusters. Each episode involves them going up against different ghosts or demons. They even manage to meet some friendly ghosts along the way.

The Good Guys

Peter Venkman is the leader of the Ghostbusters. He doesn’t take himself too seriously but he has a brilliant mind; he also has street smarts. Venkman has a PhD in parapsychology and psychology. He loves women a bit too much and this has sometimes gotten him into difficulties. Venkman likes to joke around, but it is unlikely that the Ghostbusters could survive without his leadership.

Egon Spengler is a great mind and has helped design a lot of the equipment used by the Ghostbusters. He has no street smarts and instead prefers to concern himself with intellectual pursuits. He is devoted to science but there is a strong connection in his family to witchcraft; his faith in science is also sometimes tested during the series.

Raymond Stantz knows everything there is to know about the paranormal so he is a vital member of the Ghostbusters operation. He worked with Ergon to create much of the equipment used by the rest of the team. He is another character who likes to live in his own head and can be very technical when providing explanations about things.

Winston Zeddemore joined the team shortly after they opened for business. He once worked as a construction worker, but is also highly educated. When he joined the Ghostbusters he was not interested in the paranormal; he just wanted a regular paycheck.

Janine Melnitz is the Ghostbusters’ secretary but she has also needed to occasionally join the rest of the team in tackling ghosts. She is also Egon’s sweetheart.

The Bad Guys

The Real Ghostbusters have needed to tackle some of the most evil demons and ghosts ever to exist. Here are some of the most memorable encounters.

Gozer appeared in the original Ghostbusters who was a powerful demon who was summoned from the other side by an evil cult leader called Ivo Shandur. The demon originally appears as a seductive female, but it later becomes clear that the demon will appear based on whatever image is inside the minds of the Ghostbusters. They all manage to keep their minds blank; except for Ray Stantz who thinks about a marshmallow man. Gozer appears as this giant marshmallow figure but the Ghostbusters are able to destroy the portal that the demon came through; this also has the effect of destroying Gozer.

Vigo is a tyrant from the seventeenth century who has managed to escape a painting in which he had been trapped. He is able to take possession of the mind of the art gallery owner. Vigo is looking for a baby whose body he can take over so that he can fully return to Earth. The arrival of Vigo has also meant the arrival of a supernatural slime that is powered by negative emotions; Vigo also gets his power from these negative emotions. On New Year’s Eve there is enough positive feelings created in the city to weaken Vigo and the Ghostbusters are able to deal with him.