Voltron is a popular action figure from the 1980s. It arrived around in the world at the same time as a slew of other similar characters, but it somehow managed to hold its own. Like the other popular action figures of the period it was tied in with an animated television series. Voltron action figures followed the same type of idea as Transformers and they were able to change into vehicles. The unique selling point of the Voltron action figures was that they could combine together to create one huge robot.

The original Voltron television series ran from 1984 until 1985; it was based on two popular Japanese shows. The original series had a team of five heroes who were charged with the job of protecting a planet called Arus. These five pilots have robot lions and when these are combined together it creates Voltron. There have been other series since that time and there is apparently one more series that is still waiting for a release date.

The idea behind the shows worked well with toys and children enjoyed combining the different figures to form space ships. The availability of the toys dried up at the start of the nineties and it looked like they might be finished forever. They made a comeback with a line new though after the success of the 1998 series Voltron; The Third Dimension. These toys still continued to be made right up until today. There are also plans to produce a monsterpocalypse game based on the series.

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Voltron is a mighty robot that the good love and the evil fear; he is the defender of the universe. He comes from unchartered areas of the universe and days long ago. For many years the legend of Voltron was able to keep peace in the universe, but this all changed when an evil force is unleashed. The power of Voltron is once again needed.

Voltron force is in charge of protecting the planet Arus. This team is comprised of five young pilots who each have their very own robot lions. When all these robot lions are joined together they turn into the powerful Voltron. This strength is needed because the planet Arus is under constant attack from the evil King Zakron. This sinister character is also able to create huge robots that can fight against Voltron. The first series of Voltron follows the battle between the five young pilots and King Zakron.

The Good Guys

The different Voltron series have produced different characters and storylines. The most popular storyline is probably Voltron; Defender of the Universe and this provided the following good guys.

Commander Keith Kogane is the commander of the Voltron team and pilots the Black Lion. He is a strategist who likes to spend a lot of time thinking silently. When he is not leading the Voltron team he can usually be found with his head in a book.

Sven is from Norway and he pilots the Blue Lion. He was once second-in-command but later preferred to just take orders. Sven doesn’t like to waste words and when he speaks you can be sure it is something important.

Lance has the Red Lion and is probably the most fun-loving of the crew. He is the only one brave enough to question the commander’s orders. Why he isn’t going into battle, or cracking jokes, he is chasing after women.

Pidge is the smallest member of the Voltron team, but he makes up for his stature in other ways. He is an expert martial artist and is also a respected scientist. Pidge’s home planet was destroyed by King Zarkron.

Hunk is the tough guy in the team. He pilots a yellow lion.

Princes Allura is the ruler of the Kingdom of Altair. She is also commander-in-chief for the whole planet of Arus.

The Bad Guys

Here are some of the main bad guys from the Voltron series;

King Zarkon is a ruler within the Drule Empire. He is willing to side with the good guys if it benefits him personally, but he can’t b trusted and is only concerned with his own interests.

Prince Lotor is the son of King Zarkon and even more evil than his father; in fact he detests his father. It is his goal to replace his father as ruler. He is always trying to get the better of Voltron force but each time is defeated. His father is always very critical of these failed attempts and this increases the prince’s hatred for his father even further. Prince Lotor has no sense of right or wrong and he will stop at nothing to gain power.

Hagar is an evil witch who is also frequently up against the Voltron team. She has the ability to use dark magic to hypnotize people into following her commands. Apparently she was once on the side of good but that was a long time ago.