The X Men Universe has been very popular since first arriving on the scene back in the early sixties. The series first began as a comic, but has also led to many spin-offs including video game, movies, and a TV series. It is not surprising given the success of the X Men that there have also been action figures added to the mix.

Toy Biz, which is now called Marvel Toys, has released two different series of X-Men classics since 2004. These are 6 inch figures and the first series were based on the characters in the comics; Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Archangel, and Storm. The first series also saw the release of three villains. Toy Biz were so happy with the sales from series one and they added more characters to it in 2005.

In 2005 there were two new series released. Series two included the characters Juggernaut, Tech Gear Beast, Air Strike Wolverine, and Stealth Cyclops. Series three included nine new adaptations to the collection including Avalanche, Iceman, and Rogue. As well as the three series there have also been a number of different vehicles released to go with them including the X-Treme Mutant Cycle and X-Treme Mutant Jet.

It is possible that in the future there will be another series of X-Men action figures released by Marvel Toys. It will likely depend on continued interest in the other media related to the X-Men universe. Although the first Classic X-Men toys were only released a few years ago they are already becoming collectables.

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The story of X-Men occurs in a world where humans and mutants exist side by side; the mutants are very much in the minority. Mistrust about mutants and their special powers leads to increasing hostility towards them. A haven for the mutants is created by Professor Xavier to help them escape the public hostility towards them. It is the hope of Professor Xavier that he can turn these mutants into superheroes and this will change public opinion about the mutants to a more favorable one. As well as Professor Xavier’s band of good-guy mutants there is also another group controlled by the evil Magneto and his band of mutants.

The rise of the Magneto fraction began when a member of that family lost their sanity and became a danger to all mutants. One of the Magneto clan, called Quicksilver, decided that the world would benefit if mutants were to take charge. They created a false reality where humans were enslaved to the mutants. After it is discovered that the world they are living is an illusion created by one of the Magneto there is an attempt to force them to return the world to normal. The Magneto responds by blaming everything on the mutants and creating a backlash against them. The Magneto returns the world back to normal and suddenly the X Men find that they are a huge minority and no longer have any special powers.

For a while it seems that the faith of the mutants is doomed and that their race will completely disappear. Things change though when they hear about a mutant baby that has just been born; the X men set out to find the baby and keep her safe. The X Men need to battle hard to ensure the child’s survival but eventually they get her to a place where nobody can harm her. The X Men seem to be triumphant but then their leader Xavier is murdered.

X-Men stories began in the 1960s and this universe has been used extensively. There are now many X-Men stories and many versions depending on whether you go with the comics or the movies.

The Good Guys

The X-men have brought us some great good guys. Here are just some of the most memorable.

Charles Xavier/ Professor X is the person responsible for providing sanctuary for the X-men when the world was turning against them.

Wolverine has had different personas in the X-men; this can be explained because there are different versions of him in parallel universes. One story has him being adopted by a wolf clan and it is this group that gives him his name. Wolverine is also known as James Howlett or James Logan.

Colossus is a Russian mutant who only fights when he needs to. He leaves the X men for a period and then returns. Colosus’s real love is art.

Beast is the X-men’s medical expert. He also has superhuman strength and no problem taking on the bad guys when he needs to.

Iceman has the ability to turn anything to ice. His abilities are amazing, but there is always the implication that he has some untapped potential.

Cyclops has been an on and off member of the X-men; he has the ability to produce a laser beam from his eyes. He is also responsible for breaking up the X men after Professor X died. He eventually left the X-men to join Collosus’s group.

Storm is another human mutant and a member of the X men. She can fly and even cause the weather to change to extreme heat or extreme cold.

The Bad Guys

It can sometimes be difficult to determine who the bad and good guys are in X-men because people often switch sides. Here are some of the most well-known enemies.

Magneto is a very powerful mutant and gets his name from his ability to control magnetism. He actually started out as a good guy who wanted to protect mutants, but somehow lost his way. Mangneto is probably the most popular baddie in the X-men series.

Appocalypse is one of the X-men’s greatest enemies. He hates the X-men with a passion and the bad news for them is that he can’t be killed. He is a firm believer in Darwin’s theory that only the strongest can survive.

Mr Sinister is a master villain. He was trapped in the body of an eleven year old boy despite the fact that he is an old man. His fellow criminals would not take him serious because of his youthful looks so he created Mr Sinister.

Mystique founded the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. She is a shape-shifter but her normal appearance is a distinctive blue skin. Mystique specializes in assassinations. She is also the mother of Nightcrawler. For a short period she helped the X-men but later returned to her evil ways.

Juggernaut was once the step-brother of Charles Xavier but he found a huge gem that turned him into a human juggernaut. As well as given him superhuman strength though, he is also taken over by an evil spirit. Juggernaut is able to heal himself if he gets hurt and once he gets moving something is going to get broken.